Green Commitment


We are passionate about becoming a carbon neutral brand and working with local charities and initiatives in the process. 

We are Magenta and we are green

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We are Magenta and we are green. 

We care more than just our clients; for this reason we have made active steps to become greener. Thinking about a more modern and carbon neutral approach to store your belongings whilst helping to build a cleaner community. 

We understand the importance of green energy and a carbon neutral approach, which is why we’re implementing changes in our business and stores. At Magenta, we focus on supporting the local communities, as well as taking steps that will make a long-term sustainable change in our environment. Our initiatives include focusing on renewable energy, solar panels, paperless procedures, as well as charity support, sponsorship and planting a tree for each new customer.


You can store pretty much anything you want with Magenta Storage from furniture to skiing equipment, golf balls to your prized stamp collection! All that we ask is that your goods aren’t perishable, hazardous, flammable, illegal or living! Anything else is absolutely fine.
We do personal, business, office, and student storage. Please pay us a visit as we are currently running some fantastic deals.
Self Storage is a shorter name for Self Service Storage where you hire a storage unit in which you store your belongings. All you have to do is bring your items to one of our storage facilities, put them in a storage unit, lock the door and you’re done! You can come and go as often as you like during the store opening hours. You are the sole keyholder so you can be assured your storage unit is 100% private.
Magenta Storage takes security very seriously. We want you to feel completely at ease when storing with us. As such, all Magenta Storage facilities are covered by 24hr CCTV surveillance and multi-zone alarm and fire systems. Access to Magenta Storage facilities is also tightly controlled using PIN access control systems which allow us to restrict access to authorised customers and staff.
At Magenta Storage we often run special offers and discounts. These vary from time to time and are promoted through the Magenta Storage website and social media networks. To find out what special offer you qualify for please contact us.

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